SPOT messages

Location Warning/Info

  • all Spot messages are sent with a GPS co-ordinate
  • Spot is kinda weird in the location it captures. It can pick something that is as far off as half a mile or thereabouts.


  • This message means that all is well, am doing good and can be found at the location in the message. All is well… 🙂


  • Unless i have given prior instructions, this message is akin to a Checkin message. If i want this message to be treated specially, i will let you know before i head out on the trip.

Movement Alert

  • Have started to move again, goin somewhere. Information purposes only 🙂

Help/Spot SOV

  • We need assistance with the vehicle, it might have broken down  or stuck. this is for your information only, as SPOT will get the vehicle assistance to us.


  • Need help, This is for your information only, SPOT will contact the emergency officials.