SFO in film…

SFO in film... Street car waiting for passengers in San Francisco

Just out of sheer excitement i took my family on a day trip to SFO (San Francisco) to try out the film camera. I did tag along my small Pentax Q as a light meter :), but didnt need to use it. The metering on the otherwise fully manual Mamiya 645 seems to work just fine 😀

Here are a few more from the trip:

In the tram:
view from inside a tram in San Francisco captured on medium format film

Walkin by the sea:
San francisco in film, walking along the coast

Here’s one in color :
San francisco in film, color photo of my wife and kid
It was the last exposure on the color film in my camera. I (on a hunch) put in the B/W film to get street shots from SFO. I think i like the shots i got form the trip in B/W… the images seem to lend themselves to monochrome much more than they would have to color.

Here’s another one in color I captured biking around the Bay trail in Mountain view.
bay trail mountain view ca in film

This time i scanned the negatives at 3200 DPI (on my Epson V600) and imported the files at 48DPI as tiff files. Each negative scans in at a cool 32MP… Beats the pants off my NEX7 or 6d in terms of both sharpness and resolution… This is indeed going to be fun 😀

Have fun..


Heres a link to the rest of my film gallery…

Grand canyon… in IR

Grand canyon... in IR

This photo, from Grand canyon, has been sitting on my computer for about 2.5 years now… The rendition that came out by default using the IR filter didn’t look very good, luckily I didn’t delete it in the camera itself (despite feeling strongly at the moment) :). Finally yesterday I thought about going back to this snap to try out some plugins in PS (wanted to see specifically what came out after processing it using Nik and OnOne). After about 10 mins of twiddling with it, i finally think i have a winner 🙂 (link to the original processing i did on it)

This is not the only one that finally got some love yesterday, i reprocessed some other snaps from the same trip. Here are two more examples :
First picture (original processed without PS and plugins) and
Second picture (original processed without PS and plugins).

God bless em developers of these plugins and PS… made life so much easier 😀


Do come back for more…