My Oil paintings :)

My Oil paintings :)

Well, not really… I recently upgraded the display card on my comp (supports DX11) and lo and behold… The mystical oil painting filter got enabled in Photoshop (CS6). At first I was a little skeptical using this… but it grew on me. Not all pictures take well to this filter, but once you get the hang of it… the processed images take on a totally new persona.

the filter is especially good at handling areas that are either blown out or under exposed… noise is not an issue :). Bring out those noisy, not so well exposed pics and try to blow new life into them. Monochrome/Black n white pics don’t really lend themselves very well to this filter (or it might just be that im not tweaking em just right 😉 ). Even on the color pics its better to do the normal processing on the pic to make it look as good as one can

The following is another good example of what one can get from the process
The woods
This image had the sky blown out and the tree trunk under exposed. The oil painting filter really made the image pop…

Here’s another good example of what the filter can do…
It really gives the picture a WOW factor 🙂

Do give the filter a try and don’t hesitate turning it on for pics with blown highlights or dark underexposed areas… even noisy ones… It takes care of all that for you 🙂


PS: Click on the images for higher res images, if you want to see full resolution images, just click on the “O” in the list of sizes (look at the top middle of the screen once you click on the images).

Grand canyon… in IR

Grand canyon... in IR

This photo, from Grand canyon, has been sitting on my computer for about 2.5 years now… The rendition that came out by default using the IR filter didn’t look very good, luckily I didn’t delete it in the camera itself (despite feeling strongly at the moment) :). Finally yesterday I thought about going back to this snap to try out some plugins in PS (wanted to see specifically what came out after processing it using Nik and OnOne). After about 10 mins of twiddling with it, i finally think i have a winner 🙂 (link to the original processing i did on it)

This is not the only one that finally got some love yesterday, i reprocessed some other snaps from the same trip. Here are two more examples :
First picture (original processed without PS and plugins) and
Second picture (original processed without PS and plugins).

God bless em developers of these plugins and PS… made life so much easier 😀


Do come back for more…